About Empowered For Success

Our Mission

Empowered For Success’ mission is to Educate, Equip and Elevate individuals, groups and companies. We provide tools, training and resources to lift your leadership skills beyond the traditional knowledge level, to an influential practitioner who’s impact increases productivity, performance and profitability exponentially.


Who we are: We are a veteran owned company with over 20 years experience in leadership and professional development. We are passionate about the growth, development and success of others. We’ve already achieve a great level of success in our own professions, and now we’ve chosen to share our lessons learned (not theory we read in a book) to help you achieve your goals and dreams. While theory provides a great foundation, we pride ourselves in producing practitioners via our delivery of world class speaking, training and coaching platforms.

We serve individuals, teams and organizations across a broad spectrum of industries. At the end of the day, people drive projects, innovation and your competitive advantage–when you grow your people, you grow your bottom line.

What we believe: We believe leadership at its core is influence, but that influence is the game changer! It makes us a compelling force on the attitudes, behaviors, productivity and performance of others. When an organization develops “influencers” of this caliber there’s an exponential return in areas like innovation, growth and profitability. Imagine the impact this can have on the production of your individual career and your entire organization!

Our team


Robert A. Ellis is Founder & Owner of
Empowered For Success. He’s recognized as a servant-leader with a passion to educate, equip and elevate others to reach their goals and dreams.

He’s dedicated to transforming individuals, teams and organizations using a tailored, innovative approach to personal development, leadership training, coaching and speaking.

He has over 20 years of demonstrated success in higher education and the U.S. Air Force implementing innovative strategies to lift people, performance and productivity.

His strengths include developing influencers at every level, leading change and turning around under-performing individuals and teams.

He has a track record of success as a senior leader in IT, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, Quality & Compliance, Air & Space Operations and Higher Education.

He’s a highly skilled teacher, speaker and coach of both hard and soft skills. He’s advanced the development of over 18,000 people through innovative curriculum development and demographically targeted instruction. He has a reputation for sage executive coaching, decision support and strategic organizational development.

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